When discussing what we were going to do in Vienna, I asked a friend who had recently visited herself. She mentioned they spent a few hours in Bratislava as it was a fairly short train journey from Vienna, and was another new city to see.

We had some time between landing and checking into our hotel, so upon arriving at the airport in Vienna we hopped on a bus to take us into Bratislava. It took less than 40 minutes.

Once we got to Bratislava we got slightly lost, looking completely clueless as we tried to decipher our way to central Bratislava in the freezing cold weather. Finally, we found our way towards the old town and made a beeline for the first coffee shop I spotted. It seems to be a small chain in Slovakia but I found it very cute indeed.

We found out around the corner from the café was the statue for Hans Christian Andersen, the Danish fairy tale author. We braved the cold again to take a look at the statue on our way to explore the town.

Hans Christian Andersen
Apparently, the statue had a little duck stolen by vandals which made us sad! That poor Ugly Duckling…

We explored the old town and the pretty architecture. It was a very different environment to London. I can’t quite believe this is their capital city.

After a lovely afternoon, we made our way to the train station, enjoyed another drink and jumped onto a train to make our way back to Vienna. It was so incredibly stress-free and cheap! I found it amazing that we could travel so conveniently between two countries, and yet in the UK we can spend triple the amount to get around.

It made me slightly frustrated as a country we have such expensive public transport (trains in particular!). As someone who has been dependant on trains and coaches ever since university (I only learnt to drive 2 years ago). I benefitted from the 16-25 Railcard, but as soon as that was gone it was like a kick in the teeth. I was delighted to hear about the introduction of the 26-30 Railcard only to find out it’s a trial and only 10,000 have been made available. Of course, they are all gone for the moment. Great!

Waiting at the train station

Anyway, sorry for that little travel rant, just a bugbear of mine! Especially after visiting countries that seem to do it so well. Slovakia and Austria as examples of this.

Like Vienna, I would recommend visiting Bratislava in a warmer month. I can imagine it is really beautiful in the summer. It is very small and easy to explore in a short amount of time. I’m sure there is plenty we missed, but it was lovely for the few hours we were there.

Soph x


2 thoughts on “Bratislava

  1. Bratislava really has a lot to offer, but I can agree it is easier when it is a little bit warmer. 🙂

    Nice to see that you decided to go. I would have done the opposite, gone to Bratislava with a day trip to Vienna. But it is, however, nice to see that more people consider crossing the border. It is, after all, not so far between Vienna and Bratislava. 🙂


    1. Well we had already booked our flights and hotel in Vienna when we realised that Bratislava was as close as it is! Could be a consideration for next time though, but yes will definitely go back when it is warmer!

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